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3. Z Report

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The Z–report has the same information as the X–report and is used to reconcile cash received each day. It is recommended that you run the X–report and a least one of the Posting reports first to do a preliminary check of the totals. That way, if you are looking at the report and notice that you have forgotten to post an item, you can go to the Sales screen post the item and have it included in the day’s activity. To process and view the Z–Report, choose Z-Report from the menu.


The following screen will appear:



Type Z OUT to print a Z-Report and Clear the Register:             




Before the Z–report will print, it must be processed. Type Z OUT to process the Z–report.


When the report has been processed, the following message will appear:



            Do you want to Display or Print the report?  <Esc>=Quit




Type a <D> to display the report on the screen, or <P> to print the report to the printer. It is highly recommended that you print a hard-copy on paper, since it is not possible to fully re-create the X– or Z–report for that day after ‘Z–ing Out’. However, you can first display the report on the screen and after displaying the report, but before clearing the cash register, you have the option of displaying the report again or printing it the second time.


The Z–report will begin. When the report has finished, the following message will appear to ask how you want to see the Cash Detail Report:



     Do you want to Display or Print the Cash Detail Report?   <Esc>=Quit




The Cash Detail Report provides detail on how the day’s receipts were tendered. Press <D> to display the report to the screen, or <P> to print the report to the printer.


When the report has finished, you will be asked if you want to see additional copies of the report. Press <Y> to see the report again, or <N> to return to the menu. After you have printed the report and choose <N> for no further copies, the cash register transactions are marked as cleared.



Clearing the day’s transactions.  There are 1198 records to be cleared.


   1198 replacements




This message will is displayed as confirmation that the register is cleared and reset for a new business day.