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3. Browse the Chart of Accounts

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This option lets you quickly view, change or delete account names and balances for many accounts at a time since you can scan through the entire list. This is a convenient way of updating the chart of accounts, however there is no control over any changes made so you have to exercise caution in using this option. Also, although you can see many accounts on the screen at one time, you can only see a few months’ balances for each account, so if you are entering previous months’ balances, the Enter/Edit Chart of Accounts option above is more convenient option. the MONTHAGO00 column is the same as the THIS MONTH field above. See the previous paragraph warning about changing the THIS MONTH column. Monthago01 is the same as the 1 Month Ago field described in the previous paragraph.


Because this screen lets you directly access and change all the information in the chart of accounts database, you will see a warning screen prior to browsing the data. If you expect to make a number of changes to the file, you may want to make a backup of the databases in case you accidently make changes you don’t want to save.



BE VERY CAREFUL! You may accidentally change old totals that cannot be

recalculated. You should make a BACKUP before using this feature. Press Any Key




A sample browse screen is shown below. You can scan up and down by using the <Page Up> and <Page Down> keys and left and right by pressing <Ctrl - →> and <Ctrl - ←>.



ACCT_NO--- ACCT_DESC-------------------------- MONTHAGO00 MONTHAGO01 MONTHAGO02

           GENERAL MERCHANDISE                       0.00       0.00       0.00

100******* *** CASH                                  0.00       0.00       0.00

101        Bank 1 Totals                         11305.93   11323.92   17302.72

102        Bank 2 Totals                        980548.22  980548.22  980675.28

103        Bank 3 Totals                           391.71     391.71     391.71

104        Bank 4 Totals                        896776.77  896776.77  896776.77

120******* **** ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE                  0.00       0.00       0.00

121        Accounts Receivable Current Bin       13453.02       0.00       0.00

122        Accounts Receivable 30 Days           13490.73   13490.73   25370.78

123        Accounts Receivable 60 Days           21871.54   21871.54       0.00


BROWSE      ║<F:>║COA        ║Exclusive      ║Rec: 220/246       ║      ║Num