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2.Enter Keystroke Sequence

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2.Enter Keystroke Sequence

Type the number of the function key (not the function key itself). You can enter any function key except 1.


If letters had previously been assigned to that function key, they will already be filled in for you to replace or correct. Type the series of keystrokes to be executed when this function key is pressed. Where you would press <Enter> in the series of keystrokes, type a semi-colon <;> instead. (the <;> represents pressing the <Enter> key.)


You can enter over two lines of keystrokes.


When you have finished entering the keystrokes, press <Enter> and you will be asked to confirm the entry:




            Do you want to accept this sequence? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit






For looking up customers from the sales screens, the sequence  \;  is equivalent to pressing <Ctrl-PageDown> which bypasses the customer pick-list. For instance, function key 2 could be set up to type: CASH  SALE\;;;;BAT1;;;;;;;4 from the SALE NUMBER field in the sales feature. This could make a cash battery sale and prints a 40-column receipt, depending on what the SKU number is for batteries and the how the Quick-Sale option is set in the Store Information Defaults section of the program.


It is recommended that you try out the function key immediately to test the series of keystrokes you entered. If it is incorrect, you can return to this procedure to correct it. Since the function keys may produce unexpected results if you are not familiar with their usage, it may be better to test the function keys with the Training Files before using them in the real files.