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2. X  Report

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The X–Report shows all cash transactions entered for the day. This report does not reset the register, so you can run this report at several times through out the day to monitor activity without clearing the register each time. This report does not show sales tax information but this is the easiest report for reconciling the cash draw balance. To see the X–Report, choose X-Report from the menu.


The following screen will appear:



Type X to process the X-Report:       




Before the X–Report will print, it must be processed. Type an X to process the X–Report.



            Do you want to Display or Print the report?  <Esc>=Quit




Type a <D> to display the X–Report to the screen, or <P> to print the X–Report to the printer.


When the report has finished, you will be asked if you want to see additional copies of the report. Press <Y> to see the report again, or <N> to return to the menu.