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2. Add a Vendor

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Choose Add a Vendor, and the following screen will appear:




█                    Golden Opportunity ♦ Add a New Vendor                     █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



          VENDOR CODE:    


          VENDOR NAME:                                   




Enter a vendor code. It is recommended that you use the first three letters of the vendor's name, or three letters that will be easy for you to associate with the vendor. You can use numbers if you particularly want to, but numbers are generally more difficult to remember. If you do use numbers, note that 010 is not the same as 10. Also note that when you are entering a shipment of merchandise, an invoice or a check, you can always search by the vendor’s full name as well as the vendor code.


After typing in the vendor code, a list of the closest matches is shown to you on the screen, just in case that vendor has been typed in already. If the vendor is already in the list, highlight it and press <Enter> and you can look at the vendor’s details to check that they are correct.



╔════════════════════════ Press <Esc> to Add a New Vendor ═════════════════════╗

║MORE ↑, press <┘              Account                 City    Phone           ║

║Camille Sabourin          CAM ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Canadian Overseas Compan  CDN ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Canfloyd Ltd              CAN ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Cari All                  CAR ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Caron Transport           CAT ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Centaur Sales Co Inc      CEN ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Century Sales Inc #34650  CE2 ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Charles Belanger Et Fils  CBE ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║MORE ↓, press <┘ (<Enter>)                                                    ║





If the vendor is not already in the list Press <Esc>,



Do you want to set up a new vendor? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




Press <Y> to enter a new vendor record.


The following screen will appear:




║    Code: ___                                                           Ext   ║

║    Name:                                      Phone 1: (   )     -           ║

║                                               Phone 2: (   )     -           ║

║ Address:                                          Fax: (   )     -           ║

║                                                                              ║

║    City:                                    Account #:                       ║

║      St:                Zip:                                                 ║

║                                          Expense Acct:                       ║

║          Representative                                                      ║

║    Name:                                        Tax #:                       ║

║                          Ext                                                 ║

║   Phone: (   )     -                     Credit Limit:      0.00             ║


║   Terms:             (eg. NET 30)                 │                          ║

║                                                   │      Aging Bins          ║

║     Discount:  0 % for   0 days                   │                          ║

║   Due   0 days after invoice date.                │  0 - 30 Days:      0.00  ║

║───────────────────────────────────────────────────│ 30 - 60 Days:      0.00  ║

║   Automatic Payments Every  0 Months              │ 60 - 90 Days:      0.00  ║

║   Amount of Automatic Payments       0.00         │ Over 90 Days:      0.00  ║

║   Next payment date   /  /   Final Date   /  /    │                          ║

║   Accounting period of next payment  0            │        Total:      0.00  ║





Enter the vendor information:


VENDOR CODE*} The vendor code you entered on the previous screen automatically appears and cannot be changed.


VENDOR NAME*} Type the company name.


If the vendor is an individual, type the person's name with the last name first, then a comma, then the first name. Entering the name in this way will make it easier to find the vendor record later on.


ADDRESS*} You can enter one or two lines for the vendor address. Do not enter the city in these fields.


CITY*} Type the vendor's city.


STATE*} Type the vendor's state.


ZIP*} Type the vendor's zip code.


PHONE #1*} Type the first phone number for the vendor and the extension.


PHONE #2*} Type the second phone number for the vendor, if needed, and the extension.


REPRESENTATIVE *} Enter the name of your contact at this place of business. If the vendor is an individual, enter the person's name in this field as well as the VENDOR NAME field. Type in your representative’s phone number, if needed, and the extension.


FAX*} Type the fax machine phone number for the vendor, if needed, and the extension.


ACCOUNT #*} Type your account number with the vendor.


EXPENSE ACCT*} Enter the usual chart-of-accounts expense code for items you purchase from this vendor. If this vendor is a supplier of merchandise, then the expense code should be in the range 500–599. If this vendor supplies other items or services then the expense code is in the operating expenses range which is 600–699.


NOTES*} Type some miscellaneous notes about the customer. These do not appear on the vendor list.


TAX #*} You can fill in the vendors’s tax number here. This appears only for look-up purposes. It is not used or printed by the program anywhere.

CREDIT LIMIT*} Type your credit limit with the vendor, if any. This appears only for lookup purposes. It is not used or printed by the program anywhere.


TERMS*} Enter your usual terms with the vendor. Example: NET 30.


DISCOUNT: ___% FOR ___DAYS*} If you receive a discount for paying this vendor's invoices within a certain number of days, type the percent discount in the first field, and the number of days in the second field. Whenever you receive an invoice from this vendor, the discount % and number of days are filled in on that invoice, but you can change them on an invoice-by-invoice basis. This information helps correctly keep track of accounts payable.


DUE ___ DAYS AFTER INVOICE DATE*} Enter the number of days after the invoice date that this vendor's invoices are due. When you receive an invoice this information enables the program to calculate the due date.


AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS*} The Automatic Payments section tells the program to automatically post a payable to your accounts payable section of the program whenever needed. Note that this does not refer to monthly payments on a payable that is already in your accounts payable. These payments do not deduct from existing payables, rather they refer to new payables that arise each month. If you do not enter the payable that you are paying off, then you can use this feature to remind you to pay a certain amount each month. For example, Rent, Mortgage and Loan Re-payments are all fixed-amount payments that you might want to automatically be added to the accounts payable each month.


AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS EVERY __ MONTHS*} If the payment is due every month, enter a ‘1’. If the payment is due every other month enter ‘2’, quarterly, enter ‘3’, etc.


AMOUNT OF AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS*} Type in the monthly amount of the automatic payment.


NEXT PAYMENT DATE*} Enter the date of the next payment. After you set the automatic payment up, this date is updated each month during the Month End Closing procedure.


FINAL DATE*} Type the date after which no further payment is due.


ACCOUNTING PERIOD OF NEXT PAYMENT*} This information in addition to the Next Payment Date information is needed to ensure accuracy. For example, if you are currently in accounting period 10 and the next payment is due next month, enter ‘11’, if the next payment is not due for three months, enter ‘1’, etc.


0 – 30 DAYS*} Enter the amount of payables due to this vendor for 30 days or less.


30 – 60 DAYS*} Enter the amount of payables due to this vendor for 31 to 60 days.


60 – 90 DAYS*} Enter the amount of payables due to this vendor for 61 to 90 days.


OVER 90 DAYS*} Enter the amount of payables due to this vendor for 91 days or more.


TOTAL*} Enter the total payables due to this vendor.


If you will be using the Jewelry Shopkeeper to print checks, be sure to type the correct address as this information and the Account Number will print on the checks.


The aging bins fields at the bottom of the screen are for the vendor's aged balances. These fields will be automatically updated by the system during the Month  End Closing procedure.


When all the vendor information has been entered, press <Enter> on the last field, or press <Esc>. The first screen in this step will appear.


This step is now complete. Repeat this step to add another vendor, or press <Esc> to return to the menu in step 1.