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11.Update To-Date Figures

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To change the to-date totals on the X–and Z–report, choose Update To-Date Figures from the menu. These figures accumulate daily after each Z–report, and generally they are reset once a year. You can use this option to initialize the figures before you first start using X–and Z–reports on a daily basis, or you can reset these figures once a month, or you may need to adjust these figures if they don’t reconcile to other reports.


The following screen will appear:



                         Total Outstanding Charges:   _______.__

                                     To-Date Sales:   _______.__

Total Outstanding Layaway/Customer Order Liability:   _______.__




The current figures will appear. Change them as necessary.


TOTAL OUTSTANDING CHARGES *} The total balance of all your accounts receivables. You may want to adjust this to reflect any accounts receivables that you may have written off. Reconcile this amount to the final total of the TOTAL BALANCE column in the Accounts Receivable Aging Report.


TO-DATE SALES*} This refers to the Previous Sales figure from the X–and Z–reports, excluding any sales posted since the last Z–report. Usually you would want to zero this once a year, but you could zero it once a month to make your X–and Z–reports show month-to-date sales activity. Reconcile this amount to any sales report (not including layaway sales) for the appropriate time period.


TOTAL OUTSTANDING LAYAWAY/ CUSTOMER ORDER LIABILITY *} The total amount of deposits for layaways and special order deposits that have not been picked up by customers. This amount appears on the X–and Z–reports as Previous Outstanding Liabilities. Note that whatever number you enter here, the next time a Z–report is run, the outstanding layaway liabilities is re-calculated from the information in the sales reports. Reconcile this amount with the subtotal of AMOUNT PAID in the Layaway & Special Order Report.


When the necessary changes have been made, the menu will re-appear.