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11. Journal Listing

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11. Journal Listing

The Journal Listing shows transactions from the payments file in the order in which they were entered along with the time they were entered. While this report is not useful for reconciliation to a Z–or X–Report, it can help determine what activity has occurred and at what time. It also shows some transactions that do not show on the X, Z–or Posting reports such as Finance and Late Charges imposed on charge accounts during End-of-Month Procedures.




Please enter the dates that you want to report for:  12/31/99   12/31/99

(Leave dates blank to show all items in the current year sales file)




Enter the range of dates that you want to include in the report. To show just a single day, type that date twice. If you enter the dates as blank (by pressing <Ctrl-Y> on each date) you will be shown all transactions from up to the last eleven months, but that could be a very time-consuming report.


Next you will be asked if you want to display more payment detail or more sale detail




      Do you want to see Sale detail or Payment type detail?  <Esc>=Quit




The two versions of the report are very similar except that the Sales detail report shows what type of sale (Layaway, Cash, etc.) each entry was, and the Payment detail report shows what type of money each entry was (Cash, Check, Charge, etc.)