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10. Daily Posting Spreadsheet

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The Daily Posting Spreadsheet is a more detailed version of the Daily Posting and Sales Tax report and breaks down each payment activity into separate columns in a layout similar to a spreadsheet. At the end it produces a summary of the different taxes and non-taxable sales as well as summaries of layaway activity. Choose Daily Posting Spreadsheet from the menu and the following message will appear:



Reconcile the X-Report or report transactions received by Dates Z?  <Esc>=Quit




Reconciling to the X–Report shows sales transactions that occurred since the last time you ran a Z–report. If you Z–Out once a day after closing, then reconciling to the X–report should produce the same report as running the report for a single day. Otherwise you can choose <D> to type in a date or a range of dates to include in the report.



Enter the dates you want to report for:  12/31/99     12/31/99




Type in the same date twice to run a report for just that day, or enter a range of dates to see a report for several consecutive days. Next you are asked if you want daily subtotals. This option only has an effect when the report spans more than one day. If you choose <Y> the report will produce summaries of the different taxes and non-taxable sales as well as summaries of layaway activity after each day. If you choose <N> you will get just one summary at the end of the entire report, not after each date included in the report.



            Do you want Daily Sub-Totals? Yes No <Esc>=Quit




From the prompt below press <D> to display or <P> to print the report or <Esc> to cancel the report.



            Do you want to Print or Display the report?  <Esc>=Quit




After the report has finished, the menu will re-appear.