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10. Customize Screen Colors

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█             GoldStar Jewelers ♦ Change GENERAL FOREGROUND Color              █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit


                                 ║   BLACK      ║

                                 ║   BLUE       ║

                                 ║   BROWN      ║

                                 ║   CYAN       ║

                                 ║   GREEN      ║

                                 ║   MAGENTA    ║

                                 ║   RED        ║

                                 ║   WHITE      ║

                                 ║   YELLOW     ║


                Press <Esc> to exit, <Ctrl-End> for the next color choice.




If the color choices are adequate, then press <Esc> to skip past this step. There are seven color choices. They are: General Foreground, General Background, Typing Foreground, Typing Background, Box, Information and Border. These names will appear in the box above the color choices. As the each heading appears in the box at the top of the screen, choose the color you want to change it to.


The General Foreground is the color of the Unselected colors words. (Black, Blue ... Yellow).

The General Background is the color behind the letters of the Unselected color words.

The Typing Foreground is the color of the letters of the selected color word (such as the selected menu choice and any items which need information typed into them).

The Typing Foreground is the color behind the selected color words.

The Box is the color of the boxes that appear on the screen.

The Information is the color of various key words in the screen such as the words General Foreground, General Background ... Information on this screen.

The Border is the color of the thin border around the edges of the screen.


When you choose a color, the question Intense? (Y/N) will appear. Type <Y> to display a brighter shade of the selected color. Note that some color selections do not ask you this question. A non-intense White is more like a Grey. When the colors are satisfactory, press <Esc>.




          Do you want to save these colors changes? Yes No




Press <Y> if the colors look right, or press <N> to leave the colors the way they were before.