LGI Sales Export

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LGI is a Web service that helps Jewelry Store owners to see manufacturer hot-sellers in their area.



Mary Galeski

VP of Retailer Client Development

LGI Network, an NPD Group company

Phone: 321-247-5480

Cell: 317-242-9053

Corp Office: 973-659-0333 ext.107

eMail: mgaleski@lginetwork.com



To add The LGI Sales information to Shopkeeper


Choose Maintenance and Preferences.

On the General tab, under Miscellaneous settings, type: LGISALES






During the month-end closing procedure, the prior month sales information and current inventory levels are recorded for LGI Networks website. The files are saved into the Desktop VJS Reports Folder. In this example, the MAR10SAL.TXT are the store's sales from March 2010. The MAY10INV.TXT file is the store's inventory levels as of the end of May 2010. No data transfer is done at the month end closing.






You must setup a Desktop FTP folder and drop the appropriate files into that FTP folder at the end of each month.

To create an FTP folder, in WinXP, open My Network Places and choose Add a Network Place:




In Win Vista or Win 7, right click in Computer, Choose File and Add a Network Location (if you don't see File, choose Organize > Layout and check Menu Bar)



In the Wizard, select Next and  Add Network Place:




Type in the username and password given to you by LGI Networks (eg; Compulink and 123456 )


You will type: FTP://Compulink:123456@ftp.Lginetwork.com




This will create a short cut to your designated folder on the LGI Network server. This new shortcut will show in My Computer (Computer in Win Vista or Win 7)



To create a desktop shortcut, right click the new folder shortcut and choose Create Shortcut.


The shortcut should look like this: