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Print Tags

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Tag Printing allows you to print inventory tags or index cards in any of several different styles and for any part of your inventory. To print tags, use the standard tags described in the Introduction and Setup chapter, How to Use the System, under the heading Stationery Requirements. Using standard tags will ensure the information is printed properly.


It is very important that the correct “Printer Control Codes” have been entered into the Jewelry Shopkeeper. The number-one cause of problems with printing tags is that the correct codes for your printer have not been entered into the Jewelry Shopkeeper. Another possible cause is that the tag layouts have been changed. See Change Tag Layouts on page  for more details.


You may need to check your printer’s manual to find out the correct codes and your printer must be able to print 17.00 characters per inch to correctly print inventory tags. See the printer control codes section of this manual if you need to enter modify the codes. Compulink ships the Jewelry Shopkeeper with the codes for Epson printers already installed and many printers understand them.


The tag printing module can be chosen from the Jewelry Shopkeeper menus, or can be accessed from other Jewelry Shopkeeper modules, such as the programs which receive inventory from vendors. If this option was accessed from one of these other modules, then invoice number will be filled in for you and you can start this procedure from step 2, below.