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Assemble & DisAssemble

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Assembly & Disassembly can be used to take components from stock such as loose stones, mounts and findings and compile them into a single finished piece. The stock level of the component parts is automatically decreased when you take a component from stock and increased when you remove that component from the finished piece when you disassemble it. You can also make entries for the labor that went into making the piece. To make a record of the labor, you will first have to set up a major class code to be used for labor. Make sure that this major class code is set up to be repair category 1 (one) to indicate that it is not a stock inventory category. While entering the major class, a dummy SKU number will be added for labor. Using the Adjust, Transfer & Edit option from the Inventory menu you can assign the cost-per-hour for this labor service.


You may want to add some major class codes for different types of labor so you can record the assembly work required for the finished jewelry. When you enter major class codes for labor, make sure that the Repair Category is set to ‘1’. For each major class code you set up, the program will create one dummy SKU number that you can enter on this screen, or you can add other dummy SKU numbers for that major class code via the Enter Existing Inventory option from the Inventory menu.