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9. Edit or Delete Items

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When you are entering items, you may want to change or delete a line.


To edit or delete a line, the cursor must be in the STYLE field. If the cursor is not in this field, finish entering the current line.


With the cursor in the STYLE field, type an at-sign @. The at-sign is entered by holding down either <Shift> and pressing the number <2> (the key above the letters — not on the numeric keypad). Next to the at-sign, type the number of the line to edit or delete, and press <Enter>. For example, type @1 <Enter> to change the item on line 1. The cursor will move to the line entered.



<Pg Up>=Display Previous Pages                     <Up Arrow>=Edit Previous Line



Alternatively, pressing <↑> will also allow you to edit previous lines.


To edit, press <Enter> to move to the field to edit, and make the new entry. When you reach the end of the line, the cursor will move to the next blank line for the next entry.


Note. You cannot change the major class code or the SKU number. If the major class code was entered incorrectly, you will have to delete this item and re-enter it. To delete an item, change the quantity of the item to zero, as described below.