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The screen for entering and editing extended detail for stones is different than the one for regular inventory items. If you set up the major class code as a a loose stone detail category, (see Class Codes Maintenance page ) then the detail screen will have fields appropriate for describing the characteristics of loose stones.


To enter or edit the extended detail for a stone, enter most of the data for the line, including the quantity and weight. Before typing in the fields after quantity and weight, press <PgUp>.


The following screen will appear:




│  MATERIAL:                CLARITY:         COLOR:              CUT:          │

│  DIAMOND                                                                     │

│  MM (size):               SHAPE:           PROPERTIES:                       │

│                                                                              │

│  TABLE:                   DEPTH:           CERTIFICATE:                      │

│    0.000%                   0.000                                            │





Enter information about the stone. To run reports on this detail, use the Stones Inventory Report from the Reports menu.


MATERIAL*} Enter the material of the stone. This field will default to the name of the class code when stone detail is first entered. Example: Diamond


CLARITY*} Enter the code for the stone's clarity. Example: VVS1.


COLOR*} Enter the code for the stone's color. Example: G-H.


CUT*} Enter the cut of the stone. e.g. Good


MM*} Enter the size of the stone in millimeters. Example: 1.99x1.15x1.23.


SHAPE*} Enter the shape of the stone. Examples: Round, Marquis, Old European.


PROPERTIES*} Enter any special properties that make the stone unique, such as CLOUDY.


TABLE*} Enter the percentage representing the table width of the stone.


DEPTH*} Enter the percentage representing the depth of the stone.


CERTIFICATE*} If the stone has been certified by the GIA or another agency, enter the certificate number.


Enter information in the fields relevant to your stone. When the data has been entered, press <Esc> to return to line entry, or press <Enter> to move through the fields and return to line entry.