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6. Enter Returned Quantity

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A field will appear at the right of the screen where you can enter the weight and/or quantity to be returned.


If the item is sold by weight, you will be prompted to type the weight to be returned.


Enter the quantity to be returned.


The cursor will move to the locations and quantities. Type each location code the item was returned from, and the quantity returned from each.


Sometimes an item will be returned to a vendor because of damage and a replacement item will be sent. In these cases, its a good idea to enter the original return as it occurs by following the preceding steps. This will assure you a record of the returned item as the item status and corresponding invoice will be credited. Once a new item has been sent back from the vendor, re-edit the original Return to Vendor Memorandum, enter the original SKU number and type a negative (-) quantity in the amount to be returned field. This will add this item value back into the original invoice.