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6. Enter Extended Detail

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When you are prompted to enter the price, a line will appear near the middle of the screen:




               <Pg Up>=Extended Detail       <Up Arrow>=Extended Detail




Extended Detail consists of information on the piece's stones and metals, such as the color, clarity, and shape of the stones, and any other information particular to the item.


Because it takes extra time and disk space, you would only add Extended Detail to inventory item which require the extra description.


Information entered in the Extended Detail screen will be copied to the appraisal form if you add an appraisal to an item from the sales screen.


If you do not want to enter or edit the extended detail, skip to step 9.


If you want to enter or edit extended detail and the item is a stone, skip to step 7.


To enter or edit the extended detail for the item, enter most of the data for the line, including the quantity and/or weight. Before typing in the fields after quantity and/or weight, press <Page Up> or <↑>.


The following detail screen will appear:




█            Golden Opportunity ♦ Update Extended Inventory Detail             █



    1-00126  DAN    1234ABCD 1 789 LDS DIA ENG RING .75CT       425.00   950.00


                             MAJOR STONES

# Pieces  Material  Weight      MM     Color  Clarity  Shape    Cut      Cost

1    0                0.000                                                 0.00

2    0                0.000                                                 0.00

3    0                0.000                                                 0.00


                             SIDE STONES

 # Pieces Shape       MM        Material    Quality   Weight Tot Weight  Cost

 1    0                                                 0.000   0.000       0.00

 2    0                                                 0.000   0.000       0.00

 3    0                                                 0.000   0.000       0.00


                             PRECIOUS METALS

 #      Type           Description           Weight   Cost   Units  Tot Cost

 1                                            0.000     0.00            0.00

 2                                            0.000     0.00            0.00

 3                                            0.000     0.00            0.00




If no extended detail has been previously entered for that item, a message will appear near the top of the screen:



     There is no detail for this piece. Do you want to add detail? No Yes




If this message appears, type <Y> to continue on to extended detail entry, or <N> to refrain from entering detail for this item. If you press <N>, skip to step 9.


The first section pertains to the piece's major stones. Information of up to three different types of center/major stones can be entered.


The middle section is for information on any side stones the piece may have.


In the third section, enter data on the precious metals used to make the piece.


You can press <Enter> to move through all the fields, or press <Esc> when you have finished entering the pertinent information. The following message will appear:



       Do you want to edit the notes about this item? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




NOTES are three lines of additional text that you can enter about the item. Any information not covered in the fields above can be entered here.


To type NOTES, press <Y> and type the information. To skip the NOTES, press <N>.


Next you are asked if you want to print a Card’N’Tag inventory card



Do you want to print a Card’N’Tag ’Jewelers inventory card’? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit




This option in the Jewelry Shopkeeper is for the convenience of jewelers who already have a stock of these cards. The manufacturer of the card changed the format so the new cards cannot be correctly printed. However, we do offer a n index card option which prints the inventory details on plain 4ʺ × 6ʺ cards. These cards are printed from the Print Tags for Any Inventory Item screen from the Inventory Menu.


If you use Card’N’Tag cards to track your inventory, you can print a card. Press <Y> to print the card, or press <N> to return to item entry. If you press <Y>, a message will appear:



 Do you want to display the Vendor Code and Style number on the labels? Yes No




For your protection, you can print the card without the vendor code and style number. Press <N> to prevent this information from printing on the card, or <Y> to print the card with the information.


Align the card in the printer, and press <Enter> to begin printing. When printing is complete, the item entry screen will appear.