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5. Edit a Previous Entry

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If you want to correct and entry from a previous line, type the SKU number in the SKU No. field and any entries made except the SKU number can be changed. The first entry will remain on the screen for reference, but the last change will be saved. If you want to edit the last entry you made, you can press <↑>. You can also edit a SKU number entered in a previous session.



<Ctrl-Pg Up>=Redisplay All Items Just Typed In




In order to display the entries you’ve made during the session, press <Ctrl-Page Up>. If the list takes more than one page the list will stop when the screen fills and allow you to press <Enter> when you are ready to review the next screen.


If you do make changes to a previous entry, the old entry will remain on the screen along with the new entry. Be assured that only the most recent entry will be posted to the inventory file.