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4. Enter Received Quantities

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The following screen will appear:



Vendor: ____________           Invoice #: ____________  Invoice Total: ______.__

P.O. Total: ______.__

LN           BRD  CLASS                            QTY                COST  QTY



  1 1234ABCD CMP 123 456    220.0000 LDS DIA ENG RG  1    453.00      0.00    1




      (#/N/F/Q) Type The Line Number To Receive, Next Page First Page or Quit




Each line of the original purchase order will be displayed. If an asterisk (*) appears next to a line, the item has already been marked as "received" on another invoice.


For each item received, locate the line that shows the item. Type the line number and press <Enter>. The cursor will highlight the COST and QTY REC fields. Type the individual costs of the items and the quantities received, and press <Enter>.


If the item is sold by weight, the WEIGHT field will appear at the lower right of the screen. Type the weight received in the usual units for this item.


After entering the quantity, the following screen will appear to allow you to enter the location in which the items will be stored. You can just press <Enter> if you don’t want to specify different locations:




 ║    LOC  QTY   ║

 ║  1: AA    1   ║

 ║  2:       0   ║

 ║  3:       0   ║





Type the locations, and the quantity for each location.


If there are more than fifteen items on the purchase order, you can press <N> at the Command box at the bottom left of the screen to receive an item on the next page.


When you have entered the quantity received for all applicable items, press <Q> at the Command box to quit.