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4. Enter PO Information

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Next fill in the basic P.O. information in the following screen will appear:





│  VENDOR CODE: IML                                ││      P.O. #: 1002        │

│  NAME:  Image Makers of Los Angeles              ││  ORDER DATE: 12/31/99    │

│  ADDRESS:                                        ││        DEPT: ________    │

│   220 Viceroy Road, Unit #6                      ││       BUYER: ________    │

│   Los Angeles CA 90034-0011                      ││ CANCEL DATE: 12/31/99    │

│  PHONE(S): (999) 999-9999   (999) 999-9999       ││   TRANSPORT: ________    │





The vendor information will appear in the box at the left and cannot be changed from this screen.


The following fields appear at the upper right of the screen:


P.O. #*} The purchase order number entered on the previous screen appears in this field, and cannot be changed.


ORDER DATE*} The date the order was placed. The current date automatically appears in this field. Press <Enter> to accept the date, or type another date.


DEPT*} Type the department placing the order. This does not necessarily mean the category of merchandise being ordered. This field is for reference and can be left blank.


BUYER*} Type the initials or name of the buyer placing the order. This field can be left blank.


CANCEL DATE*} Cancellation date. If you would like to cancel the order if the vendor has not delivered by a certain date, type the date in this field. This date is for reference only, and can be left blank.


TRANSPORT*} Type the delivery method for the purchase order. Example: UPS. This field can be left blank.


Type the order date, department, and buyer if applicable, and type the cancellation date and transport (delivery method). All this information will appear on the printed purchase order.