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3. Enter Vendor

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The vendor is the company or person from whom the merchandise is being ordered.


Do not confuse the vendor with the manufacturer of the item being ordered. For example, if you are ordering Seiko watches from Seiko, both the vendor and the manufacturer are Seiko. However, if you are ordering Seiko watches from Joe Green, then Mr. Green is the vendor and the manufacturer is Seiko. Usually, the vendor and the manufacturer are the same. The accounts payable invoice will be created for the vendor not the manufacturer.


The vendor must be found or created in the vendor file before the PO can be entered.


The following fields will appear on the screen:



        VENDOR CODE:     


        VENDOR NAME:                               




To find the vendor by vendor code, type the 3-character code for the vendor. You can also find the vendor by name by leaving the code blank and pressing <Enter>, then typing a portion of the name. Press <Enter> to begin the search for the vendor record.


If the vendor information has never before been recorded on the system, type a new vendor code for the vendor.


Jewelry Shopkeeper will check the vendor file for a record that matches the entry you typed.


If you are searching by the vendor name, or are searching by vendor code, but an exact match is not found, a list of the closest matches will appear on the following pick-list screen:



╔════════════════════════ Press <Esc> to Add a New Vendor ═════════════════════╗

║MORE ↑, press <┘              Account                 City    Phone           ║

║Camille Sabourin          CAM ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Canadian Overseas Compan  CDN ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Canfloyd Ltd              CAN ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Cari All                  CAR ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Caron Transport           CAT ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Centaur Sales Co Inc      CEN ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Century Sales Inc #34650  CE2 ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Charles Belanger Et Fils  CBE ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║MORE ↓, press <┘ (<Enter>)                                                    ║





If you see the vendor you want, highlight it and press <Enter> and the following box will show more information the selected vendor and ask you to confirm that this is the right one:




│ VENDOR CODE: IML       ACCOUNT NO.: ____________                    │

│ NAME: Image Makers of Los Angeles                                   │

│ 220 Viceroy Road, Unit #6                                           │

│ Los Angeles CA 90034-0011                                           │


Is this the correct vendor? Previous Yes Next Edit  <Esc>=Quit




If the correct vendor is displayed, press <Y> to move on, and skip to step 4.


Press <N> to search for another vendor


If you need to update the vendor profile (name, address, account, etc.) you can press <E> to edit the vendor directly from this screen without having to go to the Vendor Maintenance menu.


If the right vendor did not appear on the pick-list screen, you can add the vendor from this screen. Press <Esc> and you will be asked if you want to add the vendor to the vendor list.



Do you want to add vendor ABC? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




Press <Y> to enter the vendor, or <N> to return to re-type the vendor code or name. If you press <Y>, You can enter the new vendor information such as Name, Address, Account, Phone, etc. See the Vendor Maintenance chapter in section 8 to see details on entering vendor information. Return to this step when the vendor information has been entered.


You can only add the vendor to the list from this screen if you search by Vendor Code, not Vendor Name. If you are searching by vendor name and can’t find the name in the list, you can add the vendor if you press <Esc> and go back and search by vendor code.