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3. Enter Items

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The following screen will appear:



   VENDOR: ____________                                  INVOICE TOTAL: ______.__

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INVOICE #: ________

LN           MFG  CLASS                                   COST              QTY

 #  STYLE    CDE  CODES     COST   DESCRIPTION            EXT      PRICE    REC


 1           ___ ___ ___ _________ __________________  _________ _________  ___




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The vendor, invoice number, and invoice total will appear at the top of the screen. The invoice total includes the freight and additional taxes and will update each time you enter an item.


For each item, enter the Style, Manufacturer Code, Major Class Code, Minor Class Code, Cost, Description, Price and Quantity. For details on each of these items see a previous section called Enter the Purchase Order Items on page . You cannot type in the Cost Extension (Cost Ext) since it is the cost of each item multiplied by the quantity (or weight) received.


QTY REC*} Type the number of items received. Do not type zero unless you want to delete the line.


After the quantity received has been entered, the following line will appear at the bottom of the screen:




 ║    LOC  QTY   ║

 ║  1: AA    1   ║

 ║  2:       0   ║

 ║  3:       0   ║






You can just press <Enter> at this screen to ignore the location codes.


If the item was received into more than one location, this information must be recorded to accurately track your inventory.


Up to three location codes will display. Type new location codes if necessary, and type the quantity received from the location in the space to the right of the corresponding location code.


The total of the quantities entered must equal the quantity of the item received.