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2. Select Vendor

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The following fields will appear on the screen:



        VENDOR CODE:    


        VENDOR NAME:                        




Before the return memo can be entered, the vendor of the returned items must be indicated.


To find the vendor by vendor code, type the code. You can also find the vendor by name by leaving the code blank and pressing <Enter>, then entering a portion of the name. Press <Enter> to begin the search for the return memo record.


If the vendor information has not been recorded on the system, type a new vendor code for the vendor.


The system will check the vendor file for a record that matches the data you entered.


If a match is found, the following screen will appear, displaying the vendor information:




│ VENDOR CODE: ABC                                                    │

│ NAME: ABC LUMBER                                                    │

│ 6804 CARLTON ST.                                                    │

│ PASADENA, CA  90428                                                 │


is this the correct vendor? Yes No Previous Edit <Esc>=Quit




If the correct vendor is displayed, press <Y> to move on, and skip to step 4.


Press <N> to re-type the vendor.


If a matching vendor record is not found, a message will appear:








Press a key to continue. Another message will appear:



      Do you want to add this vendor? Yes No <Esc>=Quit




Press <Y> to enter the vendor, or <N> to return to re-type the vendor code or name. If you press <Y>, see the Vendor Maintenance chapter in section 8 for information on entering a new vendor record. Return to this procedure when the vendor information has been entered.