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2. Describing Components Without Taking Inventory out of Stock

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If you need to disassemble a finished item that you bought finished (ie. one for which did not build up from components) you will first have to describe the components. To describe the components, bring up the finished item by typing its SKU number above the double line, then below the double line where you are prompted for the SKU numbers of the components, simply type in the major class code (category), leaving the last five digits blank because you will let the Jewelry Shopkeeper get the next available number.


When you leave the last five digits blank, the Jewelry Shopkeeper knows that the item you are entering is describing a component of the finished item and will not try to take a component out of stock.


The cursor will jump to the bottom of the screen to let you enter information about the component that you are describing. It will ask you for a style number, vendor and manufacturer codes, minor class code and description. You can type in whatever values you want. Once you have described the components of a finished item, you can remove it, by editing that line of the description and changing the quantity to zero. This will give you the option of putting that component into stock with its own SKU number that you can sell separately or subsequently add to another finished item.


To edit any of the lines of detail that you have entered, get to the SKU number prompt at the first blank line and type the @ sign and the line number that you want to edit. e.g. if you wanted to edit line 1 you would type @1 then press <Enter> twice.


If you enter a line of detail (not taking a finding from stock) and make a mistake, you can delete that line by reducing the quantity of that line to zero. However, when the Jewelry Shopkeeper asks you if you want to increase the stock level of that component, respond with No because you are not taking a component from the finished item and putting it in stock, you are simply deleting a mistyped line of detail.