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2. Add Inventory

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If you chose Add Inventory above, you will be prompted with the following:



 Quantity to Add:      0    was ___

 At What Cost:    100.00    was ______.__




Type in the quantity of the items that you are adding to stock and the cost of each of the items added. The program will add that quantity to the inventory file and will average out the cost each. For example: If you already had 15 in stock at a cost of $10 (for a total cost value of $150) and you add 5 at a cost of $15 (at a total cost value of $75), the result will be 20 items at a total cost value of $225 with a cost each of $11.25.


Using the Add Inventory option bypasses the accounts payable system. If you received merchandise and you use this Add Inventory option, you should record the invoice payable via Enter/Change Invoices Payable from the Accounts Payable menu.