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1. Select from the Menu

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From the Main Menu, select INVENTORY, then Adjust, Transfer & Edit Inventory. The following screen will appear:



Do you want to Edit inventory, Add inventory or Report adjustments?  <Esc>=Quit




Report Adjustments:*} Choose this if you want to display or print a list of all adjustments to inventory quantities. If you choose this option you can type in the date range of the adjustments that you want to see



Enter the beginning date: 03/01/99  and the ending date: 03/31/99




Edit Inventory:*} Choose this if you want to change any of the information about this piece or change the quantity


Add Inventory:*} Choose this if you are going to add to the quantity of an inventory SKU number that you continually replenish rather than just receiving more of that item via Receive Without a Purchase Order. This would usually be used only for generic items that you don’t tag individually such as bulk items.


If you bypass the Receive Inventory option by adding inventory from this screen, you won’t be able to track inventory to the specific invoice that it arrived on and the accounts payable will not be updated.


When prompted, type the SKU number of the item to be transferred or edited.



                    ENTER SKU No.:     -    0



If you are not sure of the SKU number, type just the major class code and leave the remainder of the SKU number blank. If you do this the program will show you a browse screen for all items with that major class code so you can pick the item from a list. See Inventory Browse Screen in the appendix for details.