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Watch the Screen for Messages

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The system will often display a message to tell you what to enter. If you are not sure how to proceed at any time, look at the screen for a message.


Messages usually appear at the bottom of the screen.


A default is a piece of information that automatically appears in a field as you use the system.


On many screens on the system, a field is automatically filled in for you, then you are allowed to change it if necessary. The data in the field is provided to make data entry easier for you. (for example, the current date is often filled in on screens, allowing you to change it if necessary). You can simply press <Enter> to accept the information rather than having to type in the data yourself.



If your printer is not available or off-line, you can send most reports to a file on disk instead. You can then view, print or edit the report file with a word processor.

To send a report to a file, first turn off or disconnect your printer. Then, follow the procedure to print the report as usual. When the system goes to print the report, the following message will appear:



 Printer is off-line. Do you want to Retry, Abort, or send the job to a File?




Press <F> to send the report to a file.


You will be asked for a file name. Enter a path plus a name of up to eight characters. If you don’t specify a path, the file will be stored in the \COMPLINK.JS\DATA.JS subdirectory on your computer.


The system will send the report to the file. Later on, you can edit or print this report with a word processing program.


NOTE: Jewelry Shopkeeper does not include a word processing program. You must obtain a word processing program from your software dealer in order to edit the file. However, the file can be printed from the DOS prompt by typing COPY (filename) LPT1:. When the report is completed, press the formfeed button on your printer.


If you are using passwords on the system, you must enter your password each time you start Jewelry Shopkeeper.


To enter your password, choose option 9, LOG IN, on the Main Menu. Type your password at the bottom of the screen.


Having the correct date set on the system is essential to smooth operation of the system.


If you do not have a system clock, be sure to set the system date and time correctly each time you turn on your computer. To set the date and time, type the word DATE at the DOS prompt, press <Enter>, type the date, and press <Enter>. To set the system time, type the word TIME at the DOS prompt and press <Enter> then type the time and press <Enter>. The time should be entered using military time: (eg:14:00 for 2:00pm). Very few up-to-date computers do not have a system clock.


After you have been using Jewelry Shopkeeper for a few months, you will need more than four megabytes to store all your data.


When you access the System Menu, the amount of available disk space appears in the upper left corner of the screen. If this number goes below 2,000,000 (2 million), you should make arrangements to free up more disk space or install a new hard drive in order to adequately store your data.



Before you can use Jewelry Shopkeeper for day-to-day work, the system must be set up with the data you will be using for your operation.


After you perform this procedure, your system will be fully ready for you to enter sales, payments, custom work, orders, and other data.


Several of the steps in this procedure refer to chapters in the System Maintenance section of this manual. Turn to the chapter noted, then return to this procedure to continue with the setup procedure.