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Stationery & Forms

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Jewelry Shopkeeper uses specific forms, tags, and labels. This section serves as a guide to obtaining the correct items for the system.


Jewelry tags are almost exclusively available for use with dot-matrix printers and are in the continuous-form pin-fed format. If you wish to have barcodes on your tags, you will need a thermal-transfer printer such as one made by Zebra or by Datamax.

Ring Tags *} Kassoy Jewelry Supplies

16 Midland Avenue

Hicksville, New York  11801

(516) 942-8517 or (800) 452-7769


Smaller size (most popular): Style Number CT101

Larger size: Style Number CT102

Colors available: assorted, including white, yellow, orange, green, blue

Different materials are available in the same size but may have different style numbers.


Small Gift Tags*} (for watches, earrings, other items not needing a ring tag)

Arch Crown Style Number CT310. Also available from Kassoy.

Colors available: assorted, including white, yellow, orange, green, blue


String Tags*} (for watches, earrings, charms, rings)

Kassoy Style Number CT-380. Arch Crown number CT-350

Colors available: white, silver


Large Gift Tags (for boxes, figurines, clocks)*} Continuous feed for dot-matrix printers from any stationer

Size: 2-1/2ʺ × 15/16ʺ, 3 across mailing labels

Mailing Labels*} (continuous-feed for dot-matrix printers from any stationer)

Size: 3-1/2ʺ × 15/16ʺ 1 across

Size: 2-1/2ʺ × 15/16ʺ 3 across (cannot fit as much information as 1-across labels)

Size: 3-1/2ʺ × 15/16ʺ 4 across (requires wide-carriage printer)

Size: 2-5/8ʺ × 1ʺ 3 across for LaserJet printer


Pre-Printed Forms.*} For good quality forms for Customer Sales Receipts (invoices), Checks, Accounts Receivable Statements, Repair Cards, contact

Hessler Enterprises

106 Susan Drive Unit #1

Elkins Park PA 19027

Phone: (215) 379-2300  Fax: (215) 663-8839

In order to get the right forms, be sure to tell them that you are using the Jewelry Shopkeeper software. Another supplier of forms is NEBS (listed below.)


Laser-Printer Repair Envelopes*} A special 3-part repair envelope has been made for laser and ink-jet printers by:

Impact Specialties

2422 Park Central Blvd

Decatur, GA 30035

Phone: (770) 458-9077  Fax: (770) 458-7166

The part number is LE-1

Checks*} NEBS Computer Forms

500 Main Street

Groton, Massachusetts  01470

(800) 225-9550

To ensure the correct forms are supplied, specify that the forms are to work with the Jewelry Shopkeeper software program.


1-part checks: Style Number 9024-1. Continuous for dot-matrix printers

2-part checks: Style Number 9024-2. Continuous for dot-matrix printers

Laser printer checks: Product 9039-1

Compatible Envelopes: Style Number 9380

Statements*} NEBS Computer Forms

1-part statements: Style Number 9200-1

2-part statements: Style Number 9200-2

Plain-paper stock for laser-statements: Style Number 12469

Compatible Envelopes: Style Number 771, Du-O-Vue Envelopes


Appraisal Form*} NEBS Computer Forms. Letter-size cut sheet.

8½ʺ wide × 11ʺ tall: Style 128-3


Customer Invoices/Receipts*} NEBS Computer Forms. Pin-fed continuous forms.


Be sure to sure to ask NEBS for samples before you decide to purchase invoices.


‘Half-Page’ receipts (can be any size, not just half a page)*} (with or without your company name printed)


8½ʺ wide × 5½ʺ tall: Style Number 9329 (1, 2 or 3 parts)

8½ʺ × 7ʺ: Style Number 9330 (1, 2 or 3 parts)

8½ʺ × 11ʺ: Style Number 9331 (1, 2 or 3 parts)

4ʺ × 7ʺ: Style 12209. With or without sequential numbers. (This small size requires setting the Font to 17cpi and the Width Reduction to 31 and Length Reduction to 1 from the Store Information Defaults section of the program, page , on the screen titled Enter the Defaults Appropriate for your Half Page Receipts).


Note: If you have your name and logo pre-printed on these receipt forms and the form you select is 7ʺ tall or less, you should make sure the name, address and logo only extend less than 1¼ʺ down from the top. This is to leave room for the program to print the receipt.


Full-Page Invoice-type receipts (not recommended, supported for backward compatibility)*} 8½ʺ wide x 11ʺ tall: Style Number 9045 (1, 2 or 3 parts)



40-Column receipts:

You can print 40-column receipts on rolls of receipt paper, which have no perforations or pin-feed holes. The paper can be 1- or 2-part paper, from many stationers. The width can be from 3ʺ to 5ʺ depending on the size of characters you print on them. This type of receipt works best with a 40-column point-of-sale printer.