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Hardware Requirements

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Compulink does not sell any computer hardware, however, we can

offer the below guidelines as to what you will need. Because each

store is different, you might consult with a local computer

dealer to determine your particular needs. You can get computers mail

order or from a local shop that builds them.


The Jewelry Shopkeeper software will work on almost any PC running

Windows but if you do not have a computer, or you plan on buying a

new one, we would recommend a more up-to-date computer such as

one with the following specifications: The "processor" should be

a Pentium 4 or Core Duo or AMD equivalent; The hard drive should be

40GB or larger, and the RAM should be 1GB or more. You can use either a

flat (LCD) monitor are usual now.  If possible see if

the computer can include a parallel printer port. Most of your backups

will be done with USB Flash drive or onto CD's and DVD's so a special

backup system is not usualy required.


Windows XP Professional is suggested (not a 64-bit version). Windows

Vista has not been certified yet. If you select a low $300 to $400

priced computer it will usually come with XP Home - but you can usually

pay the extra $70 and request XP Professional. Expect a price range of

$300 to $800 for a computer without a monitor.


For best customer support from Compulink, we highly recommend you

have an internet e-mail account and a fax machine.


A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is recommended for each

computer. This is a battery and surge protector in one which

keeps your computer running in power outages or disturbances. A

small $80 one is usually sufficient to keep your computer up for

10 minutes or so but check with the seller on UPS capacity



If you plan on point-of-sale use you probably need a network of

computers (one or more for sales registers, one or more for

bookkeeping or inventory processing.) Note that registers require

actual computers, not just screens.


If your Shopkeeper is a single-computer version you may want to

consider a network version to allow simultaneous access to Shopkeeper

from more than one computer.


For point-of-sale, you will want reasonably fast computers to speed the

customer's transactions. (sometimes people think to put slow computers

thinking "It's only a register") This doesn't mean you need to buy

a particularly fast computer but it does mean you might not want to use

your 6-year old computer as the register.


The network features built in to Windows XP Pro are sufficient for a small

network of 2 to 8 stations. Don't get a special Server version of Windows

unless you have a large network or special applications that require a

Server version.


Don't use wireless networks - use cables to network computers.