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3. Start Installation

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Insert Diskette #1 into the floppy drive.


To start the installation process, type in A:INSTALL and press <Enter>. (or B:INSTALL if installing from the B: drive)


If an error message appears, check that the diskette has been inserted with the right side up, or try typing B:INSTALL instead of A:INSTALL.


If you were only sent one Installation Diskette #1 of 1, skip to the next step below. The program may have been compressed to fit on only one diskette.


When diskette #1 has been installed on your computer, you will be asked to insert Diskette #2. Remove diskette #1 from the floppy drive, insert diskette #2, and press <Enter>.


If you are prompted for other disks, insert those disks as requested and press <Enter>.


When the installation process is complete, a message will appear to tell you that the process was successful. Press <Enter> to continue.