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Minor Class Code (Optional)

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You can assign a Minor Class Code to each item to help you search for inventory or sales in a different way than by major class code. For example, you might have a major code for Ladies Ruby Rings and a different one for Ruby Earrings and yet another for Ruby Pendants. Separately, you could have a minor code meaning ‘With Ruby.’ If a customer were looking for a gift with ruby within a price range of $800 to $1,200 you could type in the minor code and the price range and print a list of matching items regardless of whether they were rings, earrings or pendants. You could also run a sales report of items of anything with ruby. Minor codes could represent stone type, side-stone type, metal type, chain length, etc.


As with the major class codes, you make up your own list. Unlike major codes, minor codes are optional; If you don’t need them or if they are too much work, you can turn this feature off.