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Setting up Major Class Codes

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Setting up Major Class Codes is one of the very first steps you must perform in using the Jewelry Shopkeeper. Devising a complete and well organized categorization system is essential in order to produce meaningful inventory, sales and re-order reports.


This chapter is provided to aid you in setting up major class codes on the Jewelry Shopkeeper system.


Don’t simply use the sample major class codes listed below, you must make up your own for your business.


The examples shown are provided simply to give you an idea of how to go about categorizing your merchandise. You need to examine the types of merchandise you carry and determine how you would want to break them down on reports to help you decide what to purchase. For example, a watch specialist may have eighty codes for watches but only half-a dozen for rings, whereas you may need many more codes for rings but fewer for watches.


It is not usual to use manufacturer codes as major class codes.


Some jewelers have used manufacturer codes in the past to categorize inventory in their manual systems. While you are certainly entitled to do so with the Jewelry Shopkeeper, it is a waste of the organizing power of the program because the manufacturer code is asked for in addition to the major class code when you add merchandise. If you set up a category for Crystal Vases, you can compare crystal vases sales as a whole, compared to crystal bowls as a whole. However, you can always run separate reports for each of the Baccarat, Lalique or Waterford lines for any crystal types.


The RJA (Retail Jewelers of America) publishes a list of possible major class codes, which are shown below in a worksheet along with their description, and a space to write in any modifications you want to make for your specialized use.


However, many jewelers find the RJA codes cumbersome to use. Another worksheet provides alternative ideas for major class codes.


The subsequent worksheet shows possible minor class codes. It too has a column for you to write in your own code modifications.