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Searching fof Sku Numbers

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Inventory item SKU numbers are requested in many features of the Jewelry Shopkeeper. If you don’t know the exact SKU number when it is requested, you may type in the item’s major class code only. Press <Enter> to skip past the second part (last five-digit unique number) to view all inventory items in that major class code. The following message appears if the Browse Screen Warnings are turned on in Store Information Defaults:



║ You are entering a browse screen.  In the browse screen, use the cursor keys ║

║ to highlight an item. Press Ctrl-End to select an item, press Esc to Quit    ║





Pressing <Esc> allows you to retry typing a SKU number, or pressing <Enter> displays an inventory list under the specified major class code:




║ CURSOR  <-- -->  ║         UP   DOWN   ║    DELETE    ║ Insert Mode:  Ins   ║

║  Char:           ║ Record:             ║ Char:  Del   ║ Exit:        ^End   ║

║  Word:  Home End ║ Page:  PgUp  PgDn   ║ Field:  ^Y   ║ Abort:        Esc   ║

║  Pan:    ^  ^    ║ Help:   F1          ║ Record: ^U   ║ Set Options: ^Home  ║


SKU_NO--- DESC--------------------- VNDR_STYLE------ RETAIL--- LOC_QTY1

  1-10005 18KY 5.0C SAPH, .25CT DIA 1234ABCD          99999.99  99     

  1-10008 DIAMOND PENDANT           134               99999.99  99     

  1-10012 SPACE SHUTTLE   14K       5200BAB1          99999.99  99     

  1-10015 STYLO RES 221 M           33                99999.99  99     


BROWSE      ║<F:>║INV        ║Record Unlocked║Rec: 67/688        ║      ║Num




Locate the correct item by pressing <↑>, <↓>, <Page Up> or <Page Down>. When the correct inventory item is located, highlight the item and press <Ctrl-End> or <Ctrl-W> to select it. If you don’t want to select any of the items, pressing <Esc> will usually exit you from the browse screen without selecting any item.