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Printer Ports

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1) Know what port the printer is plugged into (e.g. LPT1, LPT2, COM1, etc.) We always recommend that you get a parallel version of the Zebra or Datamax printers which would connect to one of the LPT ports. Only the serial versions of the printer would connect to a COM port.


2) If for some reason you have a serial version of the printer make sure you configure the serial port by adding a line to your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT file (Yes, even if you have Windows 95). This would be something like:   MODE COM1: 9600,E,7,1,P   Note that the exact settings in your case might be different — check with your printer dealer. Note there might be DIP switches which control the configuration of the serial port of the printer. The MODE statement and the printer configuration have to match. Also note that we don’t recommend the serial, we recommend the parallel.


3) Test the connection by printing some sample tags. Go to the Jewelry Shopkeeper’s COMMAND MENU. At the Enter Your Choice---> prompt, type


(or for a Datamax printer type   COPY  DMXTEST  LPT1)

(use the correct port name in place of LPT1)

This should make the printer print a few tags. The layout might not match your tags, but at least it should print something that looks as if it would fit a dumbell tag. If it doesn’t print, that means that either the port name you have specified is wrong, the cable is wrong or the MODE statement is wrong (if using serial.) Technical note: This ZEBTEST file is a simple text file containing ZPL to print a few tags. The DMXTEST file contains some basic Datamax instructions.


4) After you have determined that the test is ok, start the Jewelry Shopkeeper, go to the System Maintenance menu and choose Printer Redirection. Make sure the printer number selected for the Thermal Printer corresponds to the right printer port. To do this, check the list of printers and make sure one of the entries has the correct printer port name in the PRINT_PORT column. Note the number on the left side of that line, then type that number in the following screen next to the line where it lists THERMAL TRANSFER PRINTER.