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More Class Codes Ideas

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Because it is so important to have a good concept of how to organize the major class codes, below is yet another sample major class code listing. As always, the organization of your own listing should reflect the relative importance of the various inventory types in your store and also the amount of detail you want in inventory and sales reports. A greater number of major class codes yields more specific reports but requires more effort in categorizing merchandise when it is entered into the computer.


You can have up to 999 major class codes, but that would be too many for most stores to keep track of. The sample below represents a quite detailed listing — you may prefer a simpler one. Be careful not to make the listing too simple though. Before computerizing, some store managers may have broken inventory down into just six or seven different categories. This may have been enough for manual systems, but to only use six or seven class codes with the Jewelry Shopkeeper would be a waste of its reporting power.


To make the classes easier to remember, you can also assign a mnemonic to each major class code number, such as GWR for Gents’ Wedding Rings.


Always try to leave gaps between major class codes to allow for future expansion. When a range of numbers is listed below, such as 001-099 for loose stones, it doesn’t mean that you actually have ninety-nine codes for stones, it means you have reserved up to ninety-nine major class-codes for stones for future use even though you may only need four or even just one at the beginning. Also, it makes understanding your list easier. When running a report you can choose codes 1-99 and you that will include all your loose stones.


A new feature in Version 6 allows you to reassign class codes. For example if you had assigned Gents’ Wedding Rings to class codes 131, but later decide that you would prefer to use class code 145, all of the inventory in class 131 could be transferred to 145.



001–039 Diamonds

001–009 Diamonds Under 10 Pt

010–019 Diamonds: 11–50 Pt

020–029 Diamonds: 51–99 Pt

030–039 Diamonds: 1CT & Up

040–049 Emeralds

050–059 Rubies

060–099 Other Loose Stones


100–199 RINGS

100–119 Engagement Rings

120–139 Wedding Rings

120–129 Women’s Wedding Rings

130–139 Gents’ Wedding Rings

140–159 Precious Gem Rings

160–169 Semi-precious Gem Rings

170–179 Class/School Rings

180–189 Precious Metal Rings

190–199 Custom Rings

200–299 EARRINGS

200–239 Gem Earrings

200–209 Diamond Earrings

200 stud earrings

203 fancy

209 other diamond earrings

210–219 Ruby Earrings

210 stud earrings

213 fancy

219 other ruby earrings

220–229 Other Precious Gem Earrings

230–239 Semi-Precious Gem Earrings
240–259 Plain Precious Metal Earrings
240 karat gold fancy
241 karat gold stud/cuff
243 gold filled fancy
244 gold filled stud/cuff
246 gold plate fancy
247 gold plate stud/cuff
249 sterling silver fancy
250 sterling silver stud
252 silver plate fancy
253 silver plate stud/cuff


260–274 Precious Metal Earrings
260–264 Karat Gold Earrings
265–269 Silver Earrings
270–274 Other precious Metal Earrings
280–289 Novelty/Other Earrings
290–299 Custom/ Artist Earrings


300–324 Gem Bracelets
300–309 Precious Gem Bracelets
310–319 Semi-Precious Gem Bracelets
320–324 Other Gem Bracelets
325–339 Precious Metal Bracelets
325–329 Karat Gold Bracelets
330–334 Silver Bracelets
335–339 Other Precious Metal Bracelets
340–379 Chain Bracelets
340–349 Gold
350–359 Silver
390–399 Other Bracelets & Anklets



400–439 Chain Necklaces

400–419 Gold

420–429 Silver

440–439 Other

470–489 Pearl Necklaces



520–520 FINDINGS

530–539 OTHER JEWELRY (charms, religious jewelry, coins)

540–549 BROACHES


550–599 PENDANTS

550–569 Precious Gem Pendants
500 diamond cluster pendants
504 ruby pendants
570–578 Semi-Precious Gem Pendants
580–589 Other Pendants
590–599 Lockets


600–629 Gents’ Watches
600–614 Dress Watches
600–609 Precious Metal/Gem
610–614 Steel
615–629 Sports Watches
615–624 Electronic Watches
615 diving I
617 diving II
619 analog
621 digital
623 analog/digital
625–629 Automatic
625 diving
630–659 Women’s Watches
630–644 Dress Watches
630–639 Precious Metal/Gem
640–644 Steel
645–659 Sports Watches
645–654 Electronic Watches
645 diving I
647 diving II
649 analog
651 digital
653 analog/digital
655–659 Automatic
655 diving
660–678 Watch Bands
679 batteries
680–699 Clocks


700–799 GIFTWARE
700–719 Crystal
720–729 Cutlery
730–739 Flatware
740–749 China
750–754 Knives
760–779 Figurines
790–799 Baby Goods
800–819 Tie Clips, Chains, Pins
800–807 Gold
809–814 Silver
815–819 Other
820–824 Lighters
825–834 Pens & Pencils
835–844 Luggage & Leather Goods
845–847 Money clips
849–852 Cuff Links
853  Knives


855–859 OPTICAL




870–889 APPLIANCES (Cameras, Audio, Video)


950–969 Repairs
950 ring repairs
952 watch repairs
955 jewelry repairs
970–979 Labor
970 assembly
972 cleaning
974 setting
980   appraisals
990–999 Custom Made Jewelry