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D. Confirm Customer

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│ CUSTOMER #: 5012                                    TYPE:           │

│ NAME: Smith, Kevin                                  YTD: 85568.43   │

│ 1999 9th Ave Los Angeles CA 90034-3300                              │

│ HOME: (310) 555-6789   WORK: (310) 555-7890                         │



Is this the correct customer? Previous Yes Next Edit customer Label  <Esc>=Quit




After you press <Enter> on the correct customer from the pick-list in step B, a box with more information on that customer will appear at the bottom of the screen to allow you to confirm that customer.


You can skip the pick list and go directly to the confirmation box by typing the customer name and pressing <Page Down> in step A.


At this point you can press:


<Y> to confirm that this is the correct customer.


<P> to see the previous customer in the list.


<N> to see the next customer in the list.


<E> to edit the customer’s information (such as changing the mailing address). Note that you cannot change the customer’s last name from this screen — that requires using the Edit a Customer option from the Customer Maintenance Menu.


<L> to print a shipping label for the customer.


<Esc> to cancel and go back to search for another customer.