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C. Adding a New Customer

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To add a customer you have to search by the last name, not phone number.


If the customer is not already in your mailing list, the program will still show you the closest eight matches for the name just in case the name had in fact already been entered but with a slight misspelling. To confirm that you want to add a new customer to your mailing last, press <Esc> as prompted at the top of the pick-list. If you press <Esc> you will see the a question similar to the below:



Do you want to add customer SAGASSI? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




Choose Yes to proceed with adding the customer to the list. If (and only if) you set up the program so that you can type your own customer numbers for new customers (Store Information Defaults section of the program, page ), you will be asked for the customer number.



Enter the customer number (leave blank to let the J.S. assign):         0




Here you can type in a customer number, otherwise you can just leave the number 0 by pressing <Enter> and the Jewelry Shopkeeper will assign the new customer the next available number.


Next you will be asked to enter the customer Zip or Postal Code. The program will search through your existing mailing list to see if you already have another customer with the zip code you entered. If you do, Jewelry Shopkeeper will transfer that customers City to the new customer’s City field. If the zip code is not found, the new customers screen will be filled in with your default city as entered into the Store Information Defaults.


Next you can type in as much or as little customer information as you want in the Customer Profile screen. If you cannot fill in all the needed information at this time, you can skip those parts and add or edit them later.



 Cust #: ____________


║  Last:                                    To:                                ║

║ First:                               Address:                                ║

║ Title:                                                                       ║

║                        Ext              City:                         St:    ║

║  Home: (   )     -                       Zip:              Carrier Rt:       ║

║  Work: (   )     -           Wholesale Level: 0  (0,1,2)    Sales Clerk:     ║

║   Fax: (   )     -             Customer Type:      Resale #:                 ║


║         Contact Information         │             Special Events             ║

║  Contact:                           │     Event  1:         /  /    Event    ║

║     Last:                           │     Codes  2:         /  /    Dates    ║

║    Title:                           │            3:         /  /             ║

║                           Ext       │                                        ║

║     Work: (   )     -               │        Ytd Purchases:      0.00        ║

║                                     │   Last Purchase Date:   /  /           ║


║ Notes:                                                                       ║

║                                                                              ║

║                                                                              ║

║                                                                              ║

║                                                                              ║

║  <Ctrl-Pg Up>=Prev     <Ctrl-Pg Dn>=Next     Cash Customer                   ║

╚════════════════════════<Ctrl-End>=Extended Customer Notes════════════════════╝




See the Customer Maintenance chapter of the System Maintenance section of the manual for more help on filling in this screen.


If you just added a new customer, the remaining steps below don’t apply since at this point you will have already located the correct customer.