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Backup to Move to New Computer

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If you purchase a new computer you will want to copy the Jewelry Shopkeeper from the old computer to the new one. To do this, you will need to backup the complete set of Jewelry Shopkeeper programs and data to diskettes and then restore the programs and data to your new computer.


It is not legal to make copies of the Jewelry Shopkeeper to install it in other locations, whether or not you own that business. If you want to make a copy for practice use at home or so you can run the program at home when it’s not being used at work, call Compulink for permission.



Do not re-install the Jewelry Shopkeeper on your new computer by using the original Jewelry Shopkeeper Installation diskettes — that probably will not work.


Below are the instructions for copying the complete program and data from the old computer to diskettes. You may need several diskettes. Be sure to use upper and lower case letters as specified below and number each diskette. Go to the COMMAND MENU and type:


PKZIP  -&   -r   -P   -a   A:JS   \COMPLINK.JS\*.*


Onto a separate diskette type




At the new computer, put this last single diskette in and at the DOS prompt type (from the C: prompt)




Then put the last diskette of the full backup in and type (from the C: prompt)


C:\PKUNZIP   -d   -o   A:JS  C:\


(If you type PKZIP alone, you will see some help for pkzip. If you type PKUNZIP alone you will see some help for pkunzip, however, it is not easy to understand all the options.)


When finished type the below at the new computer’s DOS prompt. (don’t worry if you get an error message.)






Alternatively you can use a specialized backup program such as Central Point’s CPBACKUP, or Norton utilities, or FastBack, etc., which would be considerably faster. You might even connect the computers by cable and copy across the wire using a program such as LAPLINK. Just make sure you backup the \COMPLINK.JS  directory and all of its subdirectories.