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B. Pick-List

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If you press <Enter> after typing the customer name, the program will find the eight or so closest matches and show them to you in a pick-list window such as:



╔═══════════════════════ Press <Esc> to Add a New Customer ════════════════════╗

║MORE , press <┘              Address                               Phone      ║

║Christian, Payl              1234 Main Street      Jadville AZ                ║

║Clinton, Jeffre              34A Jones Boulevard   Jambalaya AZ    123-1234   ║

║Coffin, Sandy                12 9th Ave            Los Angeles C              ║

║Contract, Joe                445 Highland          Los Angeles C              ║

║Cozart, Sam                  17 Fifth Ave          Roswell GA                 ║

║Cuchin, Mary & Bill          2123 Main St          Los Angeles C              ║

║Dellani, Harry               76 Cleveland Bl       Los Angeles C             *║

║MORE, press <┘                                                                ║

╚═════════════ Customers with charge accounts are marked with an * ════════════╝ 





If the customer you are looking for is a repeat customer, use the <↑> and <↓> keys to highlight the correct name and press <Enter>. If you think the name is up or down a screen, highlight either the top or bottom lines which say MORE, press <┘ and press <Enter>.


If your computer is slow and you search by entering both a Last Name and a First Name, this list can take several moments to appear. If this is the case you can: 1) Do not enter the first name when searching, 2) Press <Page Down> after entering the name (see Step D below), 3) choose to show fewer than eight names in the pick list. See Store Information Defaults for this option.