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5. Appraisals

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Appraisals are typed and printed from the Sales Screens. When you type a SKU number in the sales screen, the description and the price of the item you are selling will pop-up on the screen. At this point you will see a message:




            Press <Page Up> to add an Appraisal for this Item




If you press <Page Up>, the screen will present an appraisal screen to fill in. After you have filled it in, you are given the option to print the appraisal. (Or appraisals, if there are more than one on the same sales invoice)


If you are not selling the item you are appraising (e.g. the customer walks in with an item to be appraised), you follow a similar procedure as with entering repairs — see the Repairs Supplement in this appendix. When you set up the Jewelry Shopkeeper, you need to enter a major class code for Appraisals, for instance, 985. Make sure that the Repair Category for your Appraisals major class code is set to 3 for Appraisal. The Jewelry Shopkeeper will create a dummy SKU number for appraisals of 985-00001. Once this number is set up, you can use it over and over again in the sales screen whenever you need to enter an appraisal for an item that is not being purchased from your store. (Even if it was purchased from your store at on a previous data, but you you are not selling the item itself at this time.)