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4. Repairs Supplement

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To include a repair or custom work order in a sale, you must create dummy SKU numbers for repairs and custom work orders. To enter a repair, choose Create a Layaway from the Sales Menu. When the sales screen prompts you for a SKU number, type in one of the dummy SKU numbers you have created by following the procedures below. Note that the Jewelry Shopkeeper automatically creates one dummy SKU number for each major class code that you use; the dummy SKU number is the major class code plus -00001. However, you may need to make a few more dummy SKU numbers.


Before you can create these dummy SKU numbers, you have to set up one or more major class codes for repairs and custom orders. You could have just one class code for repairs or you could categorize repairs by setting up different class codes. Select System Maintenance, Class Code Maintenance. In the Major Class Codes Maintenance program, the class codes that you are using for repairs must be Repair Category 1. Look in the manual under Class Code Maintenance for help in setting up these class codes.


Once you have set up the class code(s) for repairs, you can create the dummy SKU number, by entering the Inventory Menu, then selecting Enter Existing Inventory. Create one or more SKU numbers using the repair class codes that you set up. Note that the Description, Cost and Retail are not important, since they can be changed at the point of sale and the quantity is irrelevant because repairs are not real stock items. Jewelry Shopkeeper treats these types of major class codes as services and inventory ‘quantities’ are not reduced when sold. You must enter something for the Vendor and Brand Codes as well as Style, but what you type in doesn’t have to match any real vendor or real style number.


For example, you could have separate class codes for watch repairs and jewelry repairs, and you could use different SKU numbers to further differentiate the types. Alternatively, to simplify things, you could just create one SKU number and put all your repairs under this one number.


The sample class codes and dummy SKU numbers below are just to give you ideas. You must set up your system to suit the needs of your store.


900 Watch repairs — a class code with Repair Type 1 (‘Non-Detail Repairs’)

  900-00002 Replace Crystal a dummy SKU number

  900-00010 Replace Battery "     "       "      "



901 Ring repairs — a class code with Repair Type 1 (‘Non-Detail Repairs’)

  901-00002 Re-size Ring a dummy SKU number

  901-00005 Reset Stone "     "       "      "



950 Custom orders — a class code with Repair Type 2 (’Detail Repairs’)

  950-00002 Custom Work a dummy SKU number