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1. Recording Sales Without Entering All Inventory

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In order to enter sales with your Jewelry Shopkeeper you need to enter an item’s unique SKU number on the sales screen for each item sold. However, there is a way you can enter sales before you have entered all of your inventory in to the program.


1) Enter all class codes with the procedure described in the Class Codes Maintenance chapter in section 8, and with the help of the class code suggestion in the Appendix.


2) For each major class code you enter, Jewelry Shopkeeper will automatically create a dummy SKU number. The dummy SKU number will be comprised of the major class code and the number 00001. For a major class code 123, the dummy SKU numbers will be 123-00001.


3) When you are in the sales screen and you need to sell an item which has not yet been typed into the program, you can determine which major class code the item belongs to and add -00001 to enter the dummy SKU number for that category. Then you can type the actual description and price. If you want to type the actual cost, you have to press <Ctrl-PageUp> when the cursor is on the description field.


Because the cost and price of each dummy SKU numbers are zero, these items will not affect the totals on any of the inventory reports total cost and price columns. However, when you sell these items, the number decreases and so you can wind up with negative quantities for the dummy SKU numbers. You can occasionally fix these numbers from the Adjust, Transfer and Edit Inventory from the Inventory menu.


Clearly it is best to enter all your inventory as soon as possible so your inventory and sales records will be accurate and up-to-date. The above described procedure will not be able to track turnover rates and mark-up percentages.