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Use this section to record any invoice payable except for merchandise invoices. This can include invoices for supplies, utilities, credit cards, insurance, or essentially any other bill. You can use this section if you need to change or fix an invoice already typed in.


Invoices for merchandise should be entered or edited through the Receive Without a Purchase Order option from the Inventory Menu.


If you have previously entered any payable that you have now paid off — but did not use the Make Payments to Several Vendors or Make a Payment to One Vendor section of the Accounts Payable menu you can also use this section to mark payables as paid without having to post a check.


You can directly write a check for any invoice or bill from the Write a Check option from the Checkbook menu. However, in general it is better to immediately enter any invoices or bills into the payables section using this option. This way, your accounts payable and Cash Requirements reports will be accurate at all times.