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9.  Edit a General Journal Entry

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To edit a General Journal Entry entered from this menu, choose option 8, The following screen will appear:




█                      Golden Opportunity ♦ Edit a Journal Entry               █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



     TRANSACTION NUMBER:          0    (leave the # blank to search by payee)




Type the number of the transaction to edit or press <Esc> to back out, or enter <0> for the transaction number and the program will allow you to search by the date of the transaction.


If you can’t find the transaction, see step 10 to print a list of transactions. When you have found the transaction number, return to this step.


After you have found the transaction, the following screen will appear:




║  DESCRIPTION                                                                 ║

║                                                     TRANSACTION #: 92111101  ║

║                                                                              ║

║             ╔══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ ║

║             ║A General Journal entry adds up to zero. You have to enter a  ║ ║

║             ║negative number for one or more accounts, and enter a positive║ ║

║             ║number for one or more accounts. To run a GJ report, choose   ║ ║

║    DATE     ║the checkbook reports option and change the For Bank Accounts ║ ║

║  12/31/99   ║option to read GENERAL JOURNAL ENTRIES.                       ║ ║

║             ╚══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ ║





Change the description and date, if necessary.




                                       ║ Enter the expense code and the portion║

EXPENSE CODE   AMOUNT                  ║ of that expense in the corresponding  ║

════════════   ═════════               ║ Amount entry field. To divide an      ║

__________          0.00               ║ expense between other accounts, enter ║

──────────     ─────────               ║ an amount LESS THAN the total and the ║

──────────     ─────────               ║ balance will be transferred to the    ║

──────────     ─────────               ║ next line.  Delete the code and press ║

                                       ║ the down arrow to use no expense code ║

                                       ║ for this transaction                  ║





If you need to, change any amounts and expense codes, keeping in mind that the sum of the amounts must add up to zero.



            Do you want to Accept, Cancel or Re-enter?  <Esc>=Quit




Press <A> to accept this information, <C> to leave the entry without making any changes to it, or <R> to re-type any of the information above. To remove or delete a GJ entry, enter all expense amounts as zero (0).