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7. Report Returned Merchandise

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As merchandise is returned to vendor using the Return Stock to Vendors feature found in the Inventory menu, a list of return memorandums and returned merchandise is updated. To report this information, choose option 6 from the Payables Listings & Reports Menu.


Either a date range or period range must be selected by choosing <P> for period or <D> for date.



         Do you want to specify a Period or a Date range?  <Esc>=Quit



If you choose to report by period, the report will correspond to the Returned to Vendor line on the Income Statement. The report will subtotal by the return number or vendor invoice depending on your selection at the next prompt:



  Should the report subtotal by Invoice number or Return number?  <Esc>=Quit



Choosing Invoice Number will show an invoice number heading and all returned merchandise from that invoice as detail. Choosing Return Number shows each return memo number as a heading and each item returned on that memo as a detail line. You have the choice of printing or displaying the report. When it has completed, the program will return to the menu.