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Report & Pay Sales Commissions

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For reporting or paying sales commissions, choose Report & Pay Sales Commissions. A list of sales broken down by clerk can be generated. The Jewelry Shopkeeper can record and print a check to your clerk to pay off these payable commissions if you choose, or you can manually record the check after looking at the report.


Even if you don’t pay commissions, each employee’s sales performance can be tracked using this report. See the Enter a Cash Sale feature from the Sales Menu to find out more about commission tracking. Also, to better serve your customers, sales reports of customer names and telephone numbers can be generated for clerks to facilitate after-sale support. In order for employee sales performance reports and commissions checks to be created, clerk initials must be assigned to sales. Please refer to entering General Sales Information in the Sales section.


Sales commissions don’t have to be paid for you to track employee sales performance. To track performance without paying commissions, make sure that all sales clerks are entered in Sales Clerks Maintenance, but enter sales commission percentages as zero. See Sales Clerks Maintenance, page .