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5.Enter Payment

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To enter a payment on account (i.e. a payment that doesn’t apply to any specific invoice), skip to step 6.


Highlight the invoice to be paid and press <Enter>. The invoice information will appear in the upper part of the screen.


In the PAYMENT field, type the amount by which you are reducing the invoice balance. This includes the Return and Discount amounts.


If the discount date has not yet passed, the available discount will automatically appear in the DISCOUNT field. You can change this amount.


Under RETURNS appears the value of any returns that you enter under the Return Stock to Vendors section of the program. You can adjust this figure if needed.


The NET AMOUNT is the Payment minus the Discount minus the Returns and is the amount that is added to the check total.


A credit can be applied to the payment by including an invoice with a negative balance. An invoice will have a negative balance if you have paid it off in full, but subsequently returned merchandise. Be sure to enter an invoice with a positive balance before including a credit invoice since a check cannot have a negative total.


If you are planning to pay a credit invoice keep in mind that the check total must always be positive. Make sure the checks you’ve chosen to pay subtotal to a greater value than the credit invoice you plan to pay before choosing the credit invoice.