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5. Edit a Deposit

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To edit a deposit entered from this menu, choose option 4, and if prompted, select the bank account you are working with. The following screen will appear:




█                      Golden Opportunity ♦ Edit a Deposit                     █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



     DEPOSIT NUMBER:          0    (leave the # blank to search by payee)



Type the number of the deposit to edit or press <Esc> to back out, or enter <0> for the deposit number and the program will allow you to search by the date of the deposit. If you can’t find the deposit, see step 10 to print a list of deposits. When you have found the deposit number, return to this step. After you have found the deposit, the following screen will appear:





║  DESCRIPTION                             HAS THIS DEPOSIT CLEARED: N         ║

║                                                        DEPOSIT #:  1000      ║

║                                                                              ║


║  DEPOSIT EXACTLY  ******0  DOLLARS  0 CENTS                                  ║

║                                                                              ║

║  AMOUNT        0.00                                                          ║

║    DATE   12/31/99                                                           ║

║    NAME   CHECKING ACCOUNT                                                   ║

║                                                                              ║





As needed, change the deposit information. All the fields are identical to Entering a Deposit, described in the above section.


Next, confirm whether or not you want to accept the entry:



     Do you want to Accept, Cancel, Re-enter or Delete?  <Esc>=Quit




Press <A> to accept this information, <C> to cancel any changes, or <R> to re-enter. If you choose delete, the bank account will be reduced by the deposit amount.