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5. Edit an Invoice

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If you are editing an invoice that is already in the system, press <C> to change the invoice when you see the prompt below after choosing Enter/Change Invoices Payable from the Accounts Payable Menu.



   Do you want to Enter a new invoice or Change an existing one?  <Esc>=Quit




Next you can type the invoice number you are searching for. If you type in the invoice number correctly, you can go directly to step 3 to change or view the invoice information.




█                    Golden Opportunity ♦ Enter a Payable                      █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



      INVOICE NUMBER:            


        VENDOR CODE:     




If you’re not sure of the invoice number, you can leave the invoice number field blank and press <Enter> to search for the invoice by vendor code. If you search by vendor code, you will see a list of invoices for that vendor, where you highlight the desired invoice and press <Enter>.


When the desired invoice appears, press <Y> to select the invoice, and follow this procedure from step 3 on.