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4.Pay Checks

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When you have finished typing the Y’s and N’s and get to the end of the list of invoices, you will have the following options:



    Do you want to Report checks, Select again or Write checks?  <Esc>=Quit




Choose Report checks to see totals for each vendor for the invoices you have selected. Choose Select again if you want to select or deselect invoices to paid. When you are satisfied with the selection, choose Write Checks to post the checks and mark the invoices as having been paid.



Abc Diamond Company             Check No.  1095; $***______.__

International Image Makers      Check No.  1096; $***______.__


Checks 1091 to 1092 recorded. To print them later, choose Print Checks from

the Accounts Payable Menu. Print the checks Now or Later?  <Esc>=Quit




At this point, the checks have been recorded, the bank balance updated, and the accounts payable reduced. If you are ready to print the checks choose Now. If you want to print the checks later or you are not going to print the checks because you hand write checks, choose Later.