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4. Enter a Deposit

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To record a deposit to the bank, choose option 3.


If you have set up one of the bank accounts to be the Petty Cash account, you would also use this screen to record an addition of money to petty cash.


If prompted, select the bank account you are working with. The following screen will appear:



Enter a Deposit Reference Number:        1081




Each deposit requires a unique deposit number, which is not related to numbers on deposit sips. The program finds an available number but lets you change it if needed.






║  DESCRIPTION                             HAS THIS DEPOSIT CLEARED: N         ║

║                                                        DEPOSIT #:  1080      ║

║                                                                              ║


║  DEPOSIT EXACTLY           DOLLARS    CENTS                                  ║

║                                                                              ║

║  AMOUNT        0.00                                                          ║

║    DATE   12/31/99                                                           ║

║    NAME   SAVINGS ACCOUNT                                                    ║

║                                                                              ║





Enter the deposit information:


DESCRIPTION*} Type a description for this deposit.


DEPOSIT DATE*} The current date will automatically appear as the deposit date. You can change the date if necessary.


DEPOSIT AMOUNT *} Type the amount of the deposit.


When the information has been entered, the following message will appear:



 Do you want to enter an expense account for this deposit? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit




If you want to assign chart of account numbers to the deposit, choose <Y> and then enter the account number(s) in the screen below. Enter up to four expense codes and amounts that must equal the amount of the deposit. See the appendix for more details on breaking down a transaction into different expense codes.




                                       ║ Enter the expense code and the portion║

EXPENSE CODE   AMOUNT                  ║ of that expense in the corresponding  ║

════════════   ═════════               ║ Amount entry field. To divide an      ║

__________          0.00               ║ expense between other accounts, enter ║

──────────     ─────────               ║ an amount LESS THAN the total and the ║

──────────     ─────────               ║ balance will be transferred to the    ║

──────────     ─────────               ║ next line.  Delete the code and press ║

                                       ║ the down arrow to use no expense code ║

                                       ║ for this transaction.                 ║





Next, confirm whether or not you want to accept the entry:



            Do you want to Accept, Cancel or Re-enter?  <Esc>=Quit




Press <A> to accept this information, <C> to cancel the entry, or <R> to re-type any of the information above.


If you press <A> or <C>, the following message will appear:



            Do you want to make another deposit? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit




To enter another deposit, press <Y> and repeat this step. If you press <N>, the menu in step 1 will appear.